Tube and Monobloc Coatings

The markets for monobloc aerosol cans, aluminum bottle cans, collapsible tubes and plastic/laminate tubes demand the highest standards of decoration. To meet these needs, Valspar offers state-of-the-art solvent-based, water-based, and UV coatings specifically developed to meet these exacting standards.


  • Solvent-based, water-based and powder coatings
  • Sealant lacquers
  • Varnishes for plastic extruded tubes
  • Non-BPA* technologies (valPure®)
  • Special effect varnishes and base coats
  • Interior spray application
  • Exterior roll coat application

Product Range

  • Food products (whipped cream, cooking spray, cheese etc.)
  • Beverages (beer, soft drinks)
  • Personal care (hairspray, deodorants, hair mousse, suntan sprays etc.)
  • Home care (air fresheners, furniture polish, etc.)
  • Pharmaceuticals (creams, ointments)
  • Pesticides (roach and ant killer, mosquito repellent, etc.)
  • Spray paint
  • Automotive (cleaners and lubricants)
  • Technical (fire extinguishers, adhesives, cleaners, etc.)


  • Color and opacity options
  • Accepts high level of decoration
  • Custom finishes, special effect varnishes and base coats such as soft touch, matte and semi matte, metallic glitter and pearlescent and tactile effects

*Non-BPA - This designation indicates that the coating technology is based on polymeric components that are not derived from Bisphenol A.