Barrier Additives for Plastic Containers

valOR® barrier resins used in PET food and beverage containers provide superior gas barrier and oxygen scavenging performance, improved processability, delamination resistance and compatibility with PET.  Barrier additives are successfully used in monolayer and multilayer bottles, films and trays for juice, beer, condiments, meat/cheese and other foods.


  • Active and passive technologies
  • Long acting oxygen scavenging and passive barrier
  • valOR ActivBloc Series - Total barrier and scavenger performance for mono and multilayer structures

Product Range

  • Beverages · CSD · Enhanced Water · Fruit Juice · Beer · Wine · Tea/Coffee · Health Drinks · Milk
  • Dressings & Sauces · Ketchup · Pasta Sauces · Mayonnaise · Salad Dressing
  • Fresh Foods · Fresh Fruits · Fresh Vegetables · Meats · Cheeses · Snacks


  • Easy handling and processing
  • Long preform and bottle storage life
  • Delamination resistance
  • Improved clarity
  • Bottle design flexibility
  • Customized blends