Pittsburgh Employees Recognized at Their Annual ‘R & D Day’

Employees at Pittsburgh's Global Technical Center celebrated the third annual "R & D Day" on July 15 to recognize teams for their accomplishments and contributions over the past year. More than 70 employees gathered outside at a local community center to participate in games, enjoy lunch and celebrate successes in packaging innovation, implementation, technical application, safety and teamwork.

The following teams were recognized at the event:

Innovation and Creativity

Joe DeSousa, Nusrah Hussain, Art Riazzi, Rick Joslin and Ben Webster won for their work on Stryene replacements. They discovered a styrene-free substitute in the monomer CHM.

Implementation and Commercial Value

Nhan Huynh, Rick Evans, Bob Capp, Krystle Burt (pictured, left to right) and Mary Tishey won for Project 124 P2 exterior commercialization, which has helped enable the transition to non-BPA technology in our P2 technology food portfolio.

Outstanding Technical Accomplishment

Bob Dugan, Mike Butcher, Ben Garrett, Art Riazzi, Chris Schoedel, Krystle Burt, Jessica George and Mary Tishey won for their work to develop a product that contained less butyl carbitol, a requirement of a key coatings customer.


Benny White won the safety award for maintaining the overall safety of the equipment at the site. He has spent a significant amount of time fixing critical equipment throughout the technical center making sure it is operating safely and properly.

Outstanding Teamwork

Mary Jo Scandolari, Nick Koch, Jeremy Battyanyi, George Bartley, Connor Spielman, Matt Trainor, Tim Plut and Ben Webster were recognized for the scale-up of the WQ2024P material to meet customer demand.

In addition, eight employees were recognized for securing patents for their innovations in the past 12 months: Rick Evans (6), Bob O'Brien (4), Chuck Skillman (4), George Bartley (2), Greg Paulson (2), Kevin Romagnoli (1), James Robinson (1), Nhan Huynh (1).